The Best Easy-to-Make TikTok Food in 2022

All right, David, what do you suggest I do is what you’re thinking right now when it comes to diet? Well, it’s really, really difficult to radically cut everything out of your diet at once. That’s really your step forward too, as well, because you can’t really quit just one thing. It’s very easy to keep on eating everything else. If you don’t get rid of everything at once. Because you can’t really quit sugar, if you’re still holding onto bread, for example, and you really need to make a radical lifestyle change when it comes to diets, that’s paradoxically, both the easiest way and the hard way. Because it’s a really big change really fast. But that’s also difficult because it’s too much of a big change too fast, but paradoxically, it makes it a whole lot easier. If you can just bear the burden the first week or two, then your whole body and your whole gut adjust to adjust to your new diet and you will find it a lot easier to stay away from the foods you shouldn’t be eating. So You want to first and foremost know that this is a hard process and you will likely relapse on the foods that you shouldn’t be eating. And that’s okay, but it is really hard to do it in the beginning. That is something that you need to strive for and, fight with and contend with every single day. And the upside completely outweighs the downside. So there’s no real reason for you to not do it

Because there is really no other downside towards being healthy. You know, everything’s better when you’re healthy, you live longer, you feel better, you have more energy. You’re just in a generally better mood, everything in your body functions better. You’re building your body off of better things. your hormone production will be even and stable and everything just works when you’re healthy and you become vibrant, you become a vibrant person. And people feel that when you’re really at the peak of health, how the people feel it and they see it, they can see it in your eyes when you have that glowing childlike vitality. And that comes from good health and bad foods, sugar foods, processed foods, dairy foods, anything with wheat in it that removes that vitality. It moves that glow. So, so yeah, we’ve established now that there’s no real reason for you not to eat healthy, but so how do I, but how do you actually eat healthy?

And that’s a good question because in our modern society, it’s really hard to maintain a clean diet. And I say, the first advice I have for you is to set up strict rules for yourself that you will never break whatsoever. And these rules may be, for example, never, ever again, eat weed under no circumstances. Are you allowed to eat wheat? And why is that much easier to do? It may sound really difficult, but it really isn’t because when you set up a rule like that, then you forgo all the arguing you do with yourself about, should I do it? It’s a special day today. I may have some bread today.You give yourself all these kinds of excuses. “It’s my friend’s birthday today so I can have some bread. ” You know. And when you set up a strict rule, you immediately remove every single future argument that you have with yourself.

So now that you don’t argue with yourself, which by the way, is the point where everybody fails when they begin to argue with themselves, whether they should or should not do it. And if you do that regularly, then eventually you will eat the things you shouldn’t eat. Right? So set up strict rules. That’s my first advice, advice. Number two would be to educate yourself on a subject, read behavior psychology. There is a good book about this called the power of habit by Charles Duhig. I would highly, highly recommend you read that. It will teach you about how you do it, how you create healthy habits and how you remove bad habits. Behavior psychology is pretty much where I should look to improve my diet. period. I wouldn’t try to complicate it and make it more complex than that. Jordan Peterson is a good resource as well. That’s it for me today, I hope you have a good day and I will see you in the next blog post.

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